Special Packages now available

by Rafal Fotek July 22, 2016

AFter some great feedback from our clients we have decided to create some packages so those of you that wish to have amix of Tats for a special occasion can now do so wish one pack. Here are a few of the packages we have created:

Lucky Charms

Can’t catch a break? Wear luck on your arm so it’s there when you need it. To the club, the casino, or even at the mall, one of our lucky charms just might change your day.

Shape My Existence

We know you got a lot a feels. We do too. Now you can pick the mood you want anytime. The Shape My Existence series lets you be who you wanna be right now.

Wild Side

When was the last time you let loose? Unleash the beast! Wild Side brings out your primal nature to the core. Get back to your animalistic roots and let yourself be free!


To check out the rest visit our Try Tattoos packages page

Rafal Fotek
Rafal Fotek


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